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Parang Music for Special Events, Corporate Events, Christmas Functions and Parties.

About La Divina Pastora

World-renowned parang band, La Divina Pastora was formed in 1973 by Daisy Voisin, the “Queen of Parang” in Siparia, Trinidad.The following year, the band emerged winner at the National Parang Festival of Trinidad and Tobago. During the years, the band has changed and grown and though Voisin has passed on, the her spirit in the band remain immortal.

La Divina Pastora is a name synonymous with culture and has become an ambassadors for local parang music. They have taken parang throughout the Caribbean, Margarita, Venezuela and North America. They regularly perform the art form outside of the Christmas season, which is a testament to their vibrancy and love for the music.

In their 42 years of existence, they have produced legendary hits such as Allegria, Hooray Hurrah and Sereno Sereno.

In 2015, the band’s members are dedicated to passing parang onto the younger generation and keeping Daisy’s legacy and the legacy of parang music alive.


What does the Band consist of?

Vocalists : Guitars (Acoustic, Cuartro, Mandolin): Bass : Percussionist

What Genres to they play?

Authentic Parang Music

Does the band come in different configurations?

Yes. The band can range from 12 -18 persons.

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